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Q & A


Here are the answers to some of the common questions asked of our reception team

Answer: The My Planned Care platform aims to give helpful advice for people who are waiting for treatment – to help
them manage their condition while they wait. The wait time information shared is the average waiting time for the specialty.   This means that some people will be seen sooner, some will need to wait a bit longer. 
You will receive a letter directly from the clinical team about the date and time of your procedure.  If you haven’t received your appointment letter from the hospital yet, please bear with us/them– we know the hospital team is dealing with a high volume of patients at the moment.

You will have been sent the letter by the hospital, so that you can go and check what the average waiting time is for treatment and to provide some helpful advice on managing your condition while you wait. If you haven’t yet had an appointment for your treatment, you should receive a separate letter from the hospital with details of the date and time.

You need to speak to the clinical team at the hospital who are responsible for your care. There should be a telephone number on the hospital’s My Planned Care webpage for more information.

We know that hospital teams are working hard to deal with the backlog of patients waiting that has built up over the past couple of years and to treat people as quickly as possible.  The information that’s shared on the My Planned Care platform aims to provide helpful details about how to manage your condition, mental health, keeping healthy and accessing financial help and other  local support whilst you wait.  If you feel that your condition is deteriorating, please let us know.

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